Expectant Mum Package

Do you worry about who will care for your child/children when you go into labour ?

Who can you possibly call at 2am ?

Mayday Mummy can provide the care that is required at this special time.

We have a unique Service Package that includes the following:

  • Guaranteed prompt response - If labour occurs during the night (7pm - 7am)
  • Priority daytime booking - Should labour occur during the day (7am - 7pm) and your alternative child care arrangements are not available.
  • 1 Hour Meet and Greet - Mayday Mummy will come to your home and spend time with you and your child/children.
    This is ideally done 3 weeks prior to due date.
  • Personalised 24/7 Family Schedule - during the meet and greet,
    Mayday Mummy will walk through your child/childrens' schedule for every day/night of the week.
    That way, irrespective of when you go into labour,
    Mayday Mummy will be able to step into your shoes and ensure life is as normal as possible for your family.
  • Printed Schedule - this is sent to you for use by any family or friends you may call upon as part of your Labour Contact Plans.
    (e.g. a grandparent may have offered to assist on certain days)
  • Mayday Mummy Gift Voucher - $50 valid for 3 months from Meet and Greet date.
    This can be redeemed at time of labour, or during those first few weeks when caring for a newborn and older children can be totally exhausting !
  • Special Rates - When you go to hospital to have your baby. ($50 / hour irrespective of time of day / night. 3 hour minimum applies.)

Service Package Rate : $150 - Payable at time of Meet and Greet (by Cash, Visa or Mastercard)

Call Mayday Mummy on 0423 094 669 to discuss.

* Package currently available to most suburbs on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW.

Limited number of Expectant Mum Packages available each month.

When, where and how long labour occurs is unpredictable and unique for every expectant mother.

Whilst Mayday Mummy have a 100% success rate, in responding when labour occurs, we cannot guarantee our availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions in relation to Mayday Mummy Expectant Mum Package.

Click on each question for answers:

We guarantee to have a Mayday Mummy available should you go into labour during the night and call between 7pm and 7am.

Yes - we will send a Mayday Mummy if available, however please note we take other bookings during the day.

Communication is key, priority will be given as soon as you advise that labour has commenced.

When you purchase the Expectant Mum package, you are entitled to a special rate fixed at $50 / hour irrespective of day of the week or time of day / night.

A 3 hour minimum applies for each call out (eg if there is a false alarm labour).

We will care for your child / children as long as required.

Rates will be capped at $750 / 24 hour period.

Yes, you will need to make appropriate arrangements with the Pre-school to give consent for the Mayday Mummy Carer to collect your child.

All Mayday Mummy vehicles have a new and accident free forward/rear facing car seat (for newborn to 4 years) and a booster seat is available for older children.

All our child restraints meet Australian Safety Standard AS1754.