An Ambulance Is Called For A Young Dad With Chest Pains

2 June 2017

An ambulance is called for a young dad with chest pains A young dad came home from work last night with sharp chest pains.

His wife didn't hesitate to call an ambulance.

Arriving at hospital a few minutes later, he was in great hands and the prognosis is promising.

But mum, with 2 children including a newborn, this experience has left her totally exhausted, both physically and emotionally.

Calling Mayday Mummy for the first time for help, we knew this was a real emergency. Mayday Mummy Pauline was so keen to respond immediately, that she cancelled her plans, borrowed clothes from a friend in case she was needed over-night and is on her way now!

Pauline, you are a kind soul and this young family will adore you... thank you!
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