Comments made by customers about Mayday Mummy:

My husband organised for Olwen to spend a few hours with my daughter today as I was very very sick.

Olwen was amazing, just what I needed that day! My toddler was happy, engaged, well fed. Olwen even made us dinner.

I will definitely use this service again and recommend it to friends. Thanks again

- Mrs J - Northern Beaches -

What an amazing service you offer and Sophie was wonderful.

I don't know where I would have been this morning without Mayday Mummy - you all have saved us.

The hospital got me on some meds quickly and I came home for a big sleep (my issue was in my eyes so I couldn't see well, and Sophie put me right to bed with a cup of tea).

Sophie cooked, cleaned (even did laundry!) and took care of me too.

My daughter loved her SO much too, she brought toys, had a beautiful spirit and made my daughter so comfortable and full of smiles.

To think this morning I was in so much pain, nearly blind, scared, without my husband (who was heading to New York) and needing to be rushed to the hospital in a panic...to this evening where I have the right meds helping me, a clean house, both baby and mommy have full bellies and I feel so cared for.

To say thank you isn't enough. You are all wonderful!! Super mummy lifesavers ❤️ Thank you!

- Mrs K, Manly -

Thank you and Olwen for the amazing help we received when my husband had surgery a couple of months back.

I don't know how I would have gotten through our third round of brain surgery without the help Olwen gave us.

She was so good with my son and gave him the care, love and support a 3 year old needs during such a difficult time - and I always came home to a clean house and a meal on the table!

- Mrs C -

Thank you Sharon, I am eternally grateful for all your help and the loving way in which you looked after my kids.

I've been run off my feet for so long I've forgotten what it feels like to be able to come home and just be able to have a cup of tea without worrying. Love your beautiful service!

- Mrs R -

Brenda is an absolute god send! My 22mth old son adored her and 8 week old daughter wouldn't sleep unless she was having Brenda cuddles.

I could hear constant laughter from my bedroom. Brenda is obviously very skilled at being a dinosaur and playing hide and seek!!

If my son could talk I have no doubt he’d be asking where Brenda was and when she’d be back!

I felt at ease calling on Mayday Mummy this morning when I was so sick. My husband had to be at work, so having Brenda enabled me to get much needed rest.

Yes you pay more than a nanny found on Facebook, but the peace of mind for times in need can’t have a value put on it. The security and reliability is second to none.

I’m just disappointed I’d done the ironing yesterday as Brenda offered to do it for me while we all slept!!

- Mrs P, Longueville -

Thank you Sharon for taking such great care of our toddler and making the whole process so much less stressful.

As soon as I met you I knew we were in great hands.

- Mrs S, Artarmon -

Sharon was amazing and cared for our youngest daughter (as if she was her own child) who was also slightly unwell at the time.

She even took her to our local GP! This allowed us to focus on our eldest (in hospital) knowing our youngest was in excellent hands.

A very small price to pay for exceptional service and peace of mind in our hour/s of need.

Thank you again Sharon. Oh and the food was amazing!!

- Cathryn D -

Thank you so much for this morning.

My 3 kids loved you and were so happy and had fun. You were a God sent in an emergency situation.

We loved your service and I have only ever left our kids with grandparents, so this was a massive step for us and you made it so easy.

Thanks again.

- Angela S -

Thank you so much to Mayday Mummy for coming to our aid! My 4 year old son, my hubby and I all came down with food poisoning.

We rang at 4:30am and just over an hour later Mayday Mummy Katalin arrived with a smile, she took care of us - and did our washing, ironing and cleaned up our kitchen while my hubby and I had a much needed nap.

Her kindness and willingness to help us in any way she could was admirable (we were all like zombies at the time).

THANK GOODNESS for Mayday Mummy.

- Hollie C -

Brenda saved my sanity tonight and the witching hours were a totally different outcome to the night before!

She was so lovely my toddler kept asking where did Brenda go? I'm suffering PND and other Nannies cancelling on me caused me such anxiety & stress with my husband interstate and no family support.

Mayday Mummy and Brenda were a lifeline.

- Mrs N -

Brenda was absolutely lovely today and it was incredible to have her support on such a stressful day which ended up with us all going to ER.

I was so grateful that she was with me and she was so genuinely caring and compassionate towards our family.

I would like to inherit her as an extended family member!

- Mrs S, Northern Beaches -

Thank you so much for sending Olwen today. She was amazing!!

It felt like my mum was here helping. My girls were so comfortable with her immediately.

My eldest daughter keeps asking me when she’s coming back!!

Thank you - I will definitely recommend your company.

- Lisa G -

I would like to share with you how much I appreciated Mayday Mummy Pauline's help today.

I have been having a tough time lately with chronic illnesses.

Pauline looked after my two girls, made the famous brownies, helped me organise my office, cleaned out my pantry, folded washing and ironed, shared cups of tea and hugs, bathed my girls, cleaned my kitchen, played fun games and read to them.

Pauline is an incredibly special person that has blessed me much more than just practical help- she was so beautiful with the children, she is dedicated and she is compassionate.

Pauline truly is a fairy godmother!

- Mrs E -

Olwen was great. Exactly what I needed. When she arrived I was still in bed and literally had done nothing with the kids - not even changed the baby’s nappy.

She took over, gave them brekkie, got my daughter ready for preschool and basically let me sleep for most of the day.

She even made me a wonderful chicken soup! She also made baby puree which was awesome too. I didn’t want her to leave!!

Thanks so much for the support.

- Mrs R (Cammeray) -

Judy is our new favourite Mayday Mummy! She did a terrific job with the kids and household.

It was lovely to have her help after a big week.

- Mrs T -

Mum (who is a doctor) was able to care for all her patients today knowing her son, who was too unwell to attend school, was being cared for by Mayday Mummy Brenda.

"Brenda was fantastic. Thank you soooo much. She's lovely and kind and great at looking after sick kids.

She even managed to iron my husband's shirts!!"

- Mrs V (Lindfield) -

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for looking after my little girl yesterday.

I can't tell you what it meant to have the peace of mind that she was being so very well looked after in the comfort of our home and in keeping with her usual routine and activities.

It meant I could focus on my tasks at work, confidant that my daughter was in very good hands.

Oh and the brownies for Mum on her return from a long day was pretty good too!!!! Thank you ever so. We will definitely use Mayday Mummy again soon.

- Mrs L (Artarmon) -

Thank you so much for looking after the boys today and for coming in the middle of the night!

It all seems to have gone perfectly. I don't know what we would have done without you.

I will be sure to recommend your service to all who need it. The boys were very happy about the cookies!

Thanks again Sharon. You are a big hit in our house.

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- Kerry E -

A great peace of mind to know that my 3 yr old daughter would be well looked after when I went Into labour.

It was the perfect solution not having any family to call on close by.

My daughter got on extremely well with Sharon, she was picked up from her daycare, given supper, played with and then dropped off at the hospital to meet her new sister.

Extremely professional and reliable, would highly recommend.

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- Emma P -

Karen was AMAZING!

She made Brownies plus did all the folding of the washing etc. We love her!!

You’ll be hearing from us, requesting her again soon.

And all my friends want her as well!!

- Zoe S -

Business Mums in Sydney, add Mayday Mummy to your phone now!

Sharon came to the rescue to my two children today when I had no other child care option and a meeting to get to on the other side of town.

As a work at home mum, some days juggling my business and my limited child care options just isn't possible.

She was amazing, came home to happy, fed and rested children (and a clean house!).

My 2 year old asked after her for the rest of the day!

- Mary-Anne Amies (Founder/Director of Wise Up Marketing) -

Thank you so much for sending Mayday Mummy Brenda to us. She is an absolute delight.

The kids loved her so much that they invited her to our family holiday to Ireland and France!

- Michelle B -

Thank goodness for Mayday Mummy!!! My daughter was off sick from day care (with mild hand foot & mouth but couldn't go to daycare) for a few days and I was a week off from launching my own business so every minute counts!

I desperately needed to get some work done!

Sharon came in with very little notice (after I couldn't find anyone else last minute or who was willing to take care of a sick child) and my little one Ava took to her right away!

Sharon was just amazing!!! She played with Ava, cooked cup cakes with her and made Ava lunch. Ava had an absolute ball!!

Not only that - but I had the pressure of getting my bombshell of a house in order as my mother was arriving from the UK that night !

Well I nearly kissed Sharon when I came downstairs and saw that everything was clean, tidy and looking immaculate!!

I cannot recommend Mayday Mummy enough!! Every mum must have this number in their phone list.

Even better than Mary Poppins herself!!

- Natalie Dinsdale (Founder of MAMADOO) -

Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing care you provided to my family during our recent emergency.

Your prompt arrival at the SAN hospital after my husband's frantic call was such a relief.

We are so grateful for the calm and professional way you cared for our one month old son while I had emergency surgery.

You really have the magic touch and having Archie settled and content allowed me to rest and focus on my own recovery.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Kirsty A (Allambie Height) -

Nothing could prepare me for the sheer exhaustion of looking after my newborn twins.

Thank you Sharon for providing a helping hand - your intuition and empathy can only be found in a caring and experienced mother.

- Kate D -

I booked a Mayday Mummy for the next day. It was years ago but I still remember it.

I needed a morning off to deal with a surgery and the lady on the phone said straight away, 'ok, you can stop worrying about your son now, I promise I'll find someone for you. It's all sorted'.

I still remember what a relief if was! No fuss, not a million more options or call backs or questions to deal with. Just... Sorted. It was brilliant.

- Mrs G - Lane Cove -

Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful care. We have LOVED the help / cooking.

The soup and brownies are delicious. We will be in touch when we next need help.

Pauline - you are amazing - thank you again!

- Millie D -

Jennifer is more than AMAZING!.

She is such a lovely person and has made me feel at ease leaving my sick baby with someone I don't know.

Thank you for your service.

- Florence C -

Mayday Mummy has saved the day… just like a superhero in the movies. We are certainly a family that needs a high level of reliable support and Mayday Mummy has been the perfect solution.

With a 21 month old daughter and now a 2 week old son, a full time working dad and a mummy with health concerns, we needed a source we could turn to for reliable nurturing care and know that we could trust our precious little people without question.

Mayday Mummy is exactly that. Not only do we trust her completely with our children, they sparkle in her presence.

What's more, she doesn't just look after them, she makes a point to look after the entire family unit.

After a day with Mayday Mummy, I return to a lovely clean house and a stack of meals and baked snacks.

I am not quite sure how one woman does all that while playing with playdough and a water table and going to the park and the shops and singing songs and changing nappies. Phew!

The thought tires, surprises me and puts me to shame. I had heard she had been referred to as 'Mary Poppins on steroids' but I would also like to give her the title of 'Little people pleaser'.

My children are always so happy in her presence, which in turn makes me happy and content knowing I can be away for whatever reason, at the drop of a hat and even overnight if need be.

For as long as our kids need care, Mayday Mummy will certainly be someone we call on and trust.

- Rachel T -

Mayday Mummy Jennifer was fantastic!

She did the laundry, cooked our dinner plus a frozen meal, and even baked us a cake for a little treat.

Meant I had more free time at night once bubs was asleep!

She’s so lovely, it was like having a Mum around to step in and help.

Thank you so much.

- Mrs K -

Brenda was absolutely incredible.

My husband and I have been raving about her and your business since we got home from work.

Thank you so much, we are absolutely blown away and will definitely be in touch in the future

- Mrs G -

Olwen was fantastic, a life saver!

Thanks for organising her to get here so quickly.

My wife is feeling a bit better.

- Mr G -

Olwen was amazing. My son loved her and both kids ate her dinner (which was excellent!).

I’ll definitely call again! Thank you

- Mrs E -

Thank you so much for your help this morning.

Leaving my toddler was really worrying me but sounds like he had the best time!

I’d completely recommend you to anyone, thank you so much for making a busy morning go so smoothly.

- Mrs L -

Oh my goodness. A very very big thank you for sending the wonderful Rosie to us.

My little boy loved her and my husband was happy too.

The only problem is, now we want her to visit us every day!!!

Thank you so much for saving the day for me! You turned a very difficult situation into a fabulous day for everyone. Deeply appreciated.

- Mrs L (Northern Beaches) -

Rosie was fantastic. She brought toys and craft activities.

Even made us brownies while I had a rest.

The kids loved her, as did I.

Thank you !

- Mrs W -

Mayday Mummy Olwen was great.

Helped with the pile of dishes I had stacked up, cooked my dinner and my son lunch, did some laundry and looked after my baby while I had a sleep.

Your service is fantastic.

- Mrs D -

I can’t thank you enough for helping us out on Thursday. Brenda was amazing!

From the moment she came into our home she just had such a wonderful presence.

Our kids absolutely loved her and woke up in the morning asking when we were going to see her again!! Thank you so much.

- Mrs L -

Sophie was wonderful !

So helpful and my daughter went straight to her without crying, which was a nice surprise !

Thank you so much for the help today.

- Mrs S -